Acquaintance with the world of photography begun at the age of 9 when my grandmother brought a medium format camera Kiev 66 from Poland, which appeared to me mysterious and hypnotizing, however I had no idea how to use it. After ten years I decided to start photographing with it. Photographical enthusiasm caused meeting inspiring and interesting people, who I photographed and with mentors by, who i was taught to handle with different types of cameras and photo materials including film development, and traditional printing.
I was experimenting with variety of cameras and photo processes. I was interested with the originality and chaotic character of appearing of the image, but at the beginning it was always a surprise.
At the age of twenty four i decided to get a professional education in Speos Photographic Institute in Paris. Currently I live in Paris and successfully work as a freelance photographer. I actively do commercial photography including interior one. I photograph a lot on film medium and large format cameras, and also use the digital cameras, such as Canon and Leica. Photography for me is the way of spirit purification, enlightenment, and also a method of therapeutical effect.
While photographing I often reflect on the moment of truth. For me it is when I find the frame that can include compositionally (I speak more of the tonal composition) weirdness and mystery of the form, texture, light and color. Hardly I can tell that the meaning of the object interests me at 100%, however I try always to transform and distort the meaning, so in this way I play with materiality and immateriality, space and time, commonness and abstractness.